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Fiction I Short Stories



Mankind invariably has deficiency; this is the first lesson in humanity. We are one and many people at the same time. The universe is made of stories, not atoms. The story of our life is the story of our parts. Vagaries and nuances of the human mind are fascinating. Objectivity is a myth. As human beings, nothing human should be alien to us. Nothing escapes from the wreckage of impermanence and no one is immune to the inherent frailties and tragedies of life. The real world can be wretched and messy. Iridescence – A collection of shorts is about exploring yearning, pus, mucus, longing, reign and ruin. They include the world, people, situations and even objects that we encounter every day. They may compel, in fits and starts, to discover who we are collectively and what we care most about. Darkness shares its naive heart with our own inner child, the potent muse of all. We humans are all waves of one sea and leaves of one tree. Meeting our shadow side it takes no wizardry to realise even in light some shadows get shorter and others longer.



provocations I compilations 

reflections I conversations 


Non Fiction I Info Mentoring

Walking Wounded

Investing in Mental Health with

Will. Skill.Wisdom.

Mental Health (MH) is a manmade calamity. MH care has been rewarded with neglect and containment even though it is deserving of a wealth of resources. Walking Wounded is an advocacy- infomentoring book championing the cause, exploring inward and forward. With an aim to draw attention to and amplify a positive regard for MH matters, in the hope of making attitudes towards it friendlier. With some practical hacks it hustles for inclusion of the caregiver in the cascade of care. It serves as a distinctive voice against the politics of inequality that exists between health specialties versus MH area and the neglect towards economically vulnerable, general apathy and non-access to MH care. Additionally, contributions from WPA, NIMHANS, CCC, The Banyan, Sangath, LVPEI, White Swan, Manam, JSS embellish the book from their own vantage points. Walking Wounded is the journey together of care giver and care receiver, collectively affected yet working through Mental Health. It is author’s goal to take this work forward, bringing traction with support groups. Technology enabled to touch the 750 Districts of India at least once.

Fiction I Short Stories


A ghost is after an innocent child’s chocolates. Not letting pain go waste, a woman finds purpose and creates a shelter for the fragile. A pizza bridges the generation gap between a grandmother and her grandson. Facing hum An cruelty, a young man has to buy his mother’s remains (ashes), yet has hope and happiness. A single mother who wouldn’t mind being called ‘Handsome’ shows her young daughter how to stand up for other women. The empowered life of a film background dancer. These and many more, in a fictional compendium of 22 stories is what constitutes the deeply reflective Ruminant. The Author authors thoughts over places and time act like a pool to take a dip; fingers on the pulse, feet on the ground and at times wings to take flight. Each story a finely etched portrait, they are written in a conversational style, the narrator beckoning the reader with a sense of familiarity. Setting them off, wondering; did I miss a conversation with myself?


Blank Verses I English



The Covid Pandemic and Year 2020- has been a beginning of suffering, pain for most and reflection, recalibration, reset for many. Blank  verses resonate with collective mourning and loss.


Poetry I Hindi  

Sheel I शील

Sheel शील के अनेक अर्थ हैं  जैसे की स्वभाव,चरित्र,शिष्टता, विनम्रता ,आचरणमर्यादा, चालचलन ,सदाचार उत्तम आचार,उन्मुख,प्रवृत्।लेखक का मानना हैं की कोई भी वर्ष या काल हो, विनम्रता से एक छात्र भाव से जीवन को जीना और अनुभव करना सबसे सरल और सुन्दर तरीका है।अगर ये जनम लेना एक कक्षा में प्रवेश है,तो बस सीखना है और आगे चलते जाना है। लेखक के लिए ये ही जीवन का कार्य भी और अर्थ भी है।


कुछ शब्द इसी विद्यार्थीभाव और जीवनशिक्षक को समर्पित हैं।


Poetry I Hindi

SUM I सम


SUM सम ~समभाव(equanimity) ,संयुक्त करना, संक्षिप्त विवरण देना,मिलाना ,जोड़ना, योग,जोड़,सम्भावना, सम वेदना और सम शानI “सममानव की पहली हिंदी रिक्त कविता, रचना है


First attempt of commonplace, blank verses and relatable poetry