Manav Jalan

Manav comes from management sciences and business background. He considers himself a research assistant of life, aboard studentSHIP, enjoys constant learning. Additionally he has experience in management consulting with credentials in strategy and psychotherapy. Championing Mental Health, he has been an advocate facilitating care and support groups for over two decades. Movies are meditations, books are his better half. Victim of bibliotherapy, he has been more of a reader than writer. He has been enriched by authoring six books (Ruminant ~fiction/shorts, Sum  and Sheel~Hindi verses, Best time to be a gravedigger~ English verses, Walking Wounded- Strategic investing in Mental Health using Will Skill Wisdom ~info mentoring,Iridescence ~fiction/shorts) which are available on Amazon Worldwide and Kindle. Works of Dr. APJ Kalam, Gulzar, Kabir and Irvin Yalom have profoundly influenced him. Writing to him is to be a lighthouse. Lighthouses don’t go running all over, looking for boats to save. They just stand there shining.